We’re glad you came! Welcome!

We are:

  • A left-handed woman married to a right-handed man.  Twenty-two years of ups and downs and loving.
  • Godparents to ten nieces/nephews, ages one to twenty-three.
  • Desert dwellers.
  • Hobbies: biking, camping, gardening, and running.  Some at the same time, but not in this order.

We live with:

  • One dog.
  • Four cats.

Our land supports:

  • A continual herb garden of basil, mint, and oregano.  We plant others each year that only last a season.
  • The yearly spring growth of milkweed, contained to one spot in the backyard.  Ladybugs and others rent space for awhile.
  • Four lavender bushes.
  • Peppers!  Serrano and habanero.  So far, no bug groupies.  We grew bell peppers for three years prior.  The aphid infestations were terrible, so we stopped growing them.
  • Four grape vines.  Two red. Two purple. Bug groupie: Grapeleaf skeletonizers
  • One Japanese honeysuckle vine.
  • One trailing lantana vine.  The label said it was purple.  The flowers are white.
  • Rose vines and shrubs.  Bug groupies: A variety of aphids, leaf cutters, and cane borers.
  • A wildflower field for birds, bees, and butterflies.  Also enjoyed by other critters.
  • One guava tree.
  • One orange tree.
  • Two pomegranates trees past their prime.  Too old to produce fruit, they only shed massive flowers each Spring.  They will be replaced in the future.
  • Junipers and Cypress.  Excellent for decor, shade, and privacy.
  • One palm tree allowed to grow years before we arrived.  It will be removed in the future.

Our current projects:

The back fence.  A mix of wood boards and chain link, its creator did a sloppy, cut-rate job before we bought the house and it’s falling apart.  We’re redesigning and rebuilding and doing it right.  The process will be posted when complete.

Greenhouse.  It will protect flowers, fruit, herbs, nuts, spices, and vegetables that can’t survive on their own in the clay soil and Arizona sun.  The process will be posted when complete.

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